Euro 2024: Time for Scotland to rebuild? Or can the team reach the World Cup?

Against Hungary I was really surprised at how we controlled the first 35 minutes.

It was a complete dominance of the ball, but in midfield, not beyond.

That was the problem, and to be honest, the problem has been going on for some time.

The two guys who have always helped us out are Scott McTominay and John McGinn – and they hardly achieved anything against Hungary.

They were well marked, but we didn’t walk past people or hold them up and turn them on.

With most other teams you see that they have eights, tens or someone out there who looks up and sees passes.

We are now at the point where we have reached that level to qualify, but we cannot say it is a shame that we were disappointed.

We weren’t. With our quality we got as far as we deserved.

The biggest credit goes to Lawrence Shankland, who looked good when he came on as a substitute. But did you see the game?

The situation was completely open at that point and that’s why you brought him on.

There is nothing to criticise about the work performance and the effort. The tactics could be tweaked a little here and there.

We haven’t managed to do what we came here to do. Then you ask yourself why, and for me that’s the reason.

When you’re competing against the big teams, you need this quality and vision. But that’s exactly where it fails.

Pat Nevin spoke to Scott Mullen from BBC Sport Scotland

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