Euro 2024: BBC sports experts describe England’s performance as “fat” and “confused”

England looked tactically inferior against Denmark, having fewer shots on goal, fewer shots on target and fewer touches in the opposition penalty area. The Three Lions were also criticised for their negative approach and lack of pressing…

Rooney: “I think it was a mediocre performance, the team lacked energy and balance.

“I also blame the players. If Harry Kane says after the game that he didn’t know what to do, (that’s a problem). The players have to take responsibility.”

Fabregas: “I’m still trying to understand what they want to do in each game.

“Spain has a clear plan, they are aggressive. It can go well or badly, but at least you can see clearly what they want to do.”

“England vary too much, I want to see more confidence when they go forward.”

“I think Harry doesn’t have the legs to press high anymore. You can see that the others – Bellingham, Saka, Rice – are really pressing high, but if one person doesn’t do that, it can ruin the whole game.”

Clipper: “We have world-class players and it is the coach’s job to get the best out of these players.”

“We saw that for 35 minutes in the first game. In the second half of the first game we had no chance. And in yesterday’s game we were terrible.”

“I don’t think there is a plan. There is a complete lack of energy. I don’t know if anyone knows whether to come or sit.”

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