EM 2024: Scouting with David Moyes – “I’m here as a fan, but I think like a manager”

The way many teams play from the back today is an example of the evolution of football. It has become so synchronised and some of it so complicated that it is almost majestically planned.

Pep Guardiola deserves a lot of credit for that, and he should. He did a lot of things that people saw and said, “We need to follow suit.”

However, we have to be fair and remember that 40 years ago, people like Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson were playing from the back.

They were two outstanding footballers, so we must not think that this is a completely new idea.

I also think that we may be seeing it taken to extremes, although sometimes it probably deserves more criticism.

My coach is also aware that too many goals are caused by poor play or mistakes when teams pass the ball from the back to the front.

There is a generation of coaches who say that this is not right because we are not used to conceding easy goals… and there is a new generation coming in who almost say: “Don’t worry, we’ll keep doing it.”

But when it comes to European tournaments or the Premier League, such decisions cost you trophies and games and, as a manager, could ultimately cost you your job.

For this reason, I am not sure that people are so willing to allow things to continue even if something goes wrong.

There is one aspect of football, whatever else you say about it, where I think you want your club or your team to win.

I always kind of focused on that because I always thought that for most fans of a club, winning is the be-all and end-all.

For me, this is one thing that will never change.

David Moyes spoke to Chris Bevan from BBC Sport in Berlin.

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