CRICKET | Former player Sudha Shah is batting for a Test series of at least three matches rather than single matches

Shah Rukh Khan.

Sudha Shah. | Photo credit: B. JOTHI RAMALINGAM

Former Indian cricketer Sudha Shah on Wednesday made a case for more Test cricket for women, suggesting that a series should consist of at least three Tests and that a championship like the men’s World Test Championship (WTC) could possibly even be introduced to encourage all member nations to participate in Tests.

“I think they should stop with one-off Tests first. They should play at least three Tests. At least three Test series,” she said ahead of the one-off Test between India and South Africa, which begins here on Friday.

“And I think the other (national) associations should be made aware of this. Maybe the ICC should say they have to play (Tests) or introduce a Test championship.”

In addition, it prefers the now-abolished multi-day interzonal tournament that was held last year to the multi-day Challenger Trophy.

“I think they should play interzonal and not Challengers. I think Challengers is finally becoming selection games. I think they should play interzonal.

“I think there are a lot of girls in each zone who have the potential to play for the zone. And there are five zones. There are three challenger teams here. Maybe four.

“So I think Interzonal will help the zones and the states. And honestly, like I said, the Challengers play like it’s a selection game. When you play Interzonal, you feel like you belong to a zone and you have to play for your zone and win. I think that makes a difference.”

She played in the first official Test series that India played against West Indies (WI) in 1976. She recalled being awarded the best fielder award for the rain-interrupted Chennai Test of that series.

This time she hopes it doesn’t rain because she plans to go to the game on all four days.

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